This is YOUR guide to motorsports sponsorship.

My name is Josh Wiese, and I am the creator and host of the Sponsored Rider Club Podcast. I believe that you have unlimited potential. This podcast exists to help you find it and set it loose on the motorsports industry.

With the right mindset, coupled with focused and consistent action, we can make motorsports an unstoppable force. By empowering riders and racers with the knowledge they NEED and CRAVE to grow their program, we can exponentially improve and grow the motorsports industry.

The content for this program builds on advice from three categories of industry experts:

  1. Influential riders and racers – The ones YOU follow and emulate…the ones killing it in their respective categories. We pull from any conceivable motorsports riding or racing application, including UTV, ATV, car, dirt bike, snowmobile, drifter, Jeep, snowbike, and even monster trucks.
  2. Prolific content creators – Those that understand and flourish in all forms of media and amazing content.
  3. Business and corporate partners – The people behind the companies that you love. They make the decisions around how to spend their marketing dollars and who to ultimately sponsor.

This is your guide, but only YOU can deliver the results. So listen, learn, and take massive action.